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Beekeeper Group Delivers Community Building Smackdown at Netroots Nation!

Smackdown? Yes, smackdown.  The idea behind the “smackdown” was to demonstrate the power of one of the tactics suggested in our community building presentation itself.   Using humor! Myself, Adam Rosenberg of Edelman Digital, and Steve Ressler of GovLoop, used humor to generate attention to our Netroots Nation 2011 panel by incorporating a wrestling theme.   And it worked! The packed room of attendees were eager to learn how to build and sustain a community online, which is no easy task with […]

Using QR Codes in a Political Campaign

I recently won the Democratic primary for a third term as “Shadow” U.S. Representative for the District of Columbia. Unlike my previous two elections, this time I had signs printed and worked with some tireless volunteers to attach them to street poles all across the city. It’s a bit of trip to be driving someplace and then see your name on a sign while you are going to store to get some milk. It’s even cooler when your 3-year-old-daughter sees […]