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Using GIFs to Tell a Story: Review, Refine and Test Your Messages for 2014

It’s a new year and your organization has new goals, new strategies and new plans for content development. So why are you still using messages that haven’t been tested since 2011? Before you invest time, money, and resources into developing digital strategies or creating effective content, there should be certainty and organizational consensus that your message will resonate with your community, reach your target audience and remain compelling. This can be achieved through simple message development and message testing by […]

How Will the Tucson Shooting Impact Grassroots Communications?

I, of all people, am a resolute proponent of communicating with policymakers through online channels.  In the advocacy, grassroots and political communications profession, we often urge our base to email, click-to-call, and even tweet at our Members of Congress.   But in the ladder of engagement, the ultimate in communications and activism is attending an event or meeting in person, and if possible, engaging a policymaker in a face-to-face conversation.  That is our pot of gold. So, I can’t help but […]

Public Engagement Made Easy

Although we in the field of advocacy and communications are often focused on pushing messages out, some of us are also faced with the task of taking information in, collaborating, and consensus building — either among membership or the public at large.  This task used to require conferences, meetings, and other face-to-face communications, but the new world of online tools, including social media, is rapidly growing the opportunities for new forms of cost-effective, solution-driven public engagement. The National Coalition on […]