The DC Public Library has come-up with a clever use of Flickr to help rally the DC community in support of its “King Week” celebrations scheduled for early next year. Check-out their event description below and please support the effort by submitting your own photos (they are just starting-out and need as many submissions as possible):

Capture King in Your Neighborhood: A Flickr Community Photo Collage

Where do you see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? In a mural on a building? A name on a street sign? In a smiling face or a helping hand?

Participate in Capture King In Your Neighborhood: A Flickr Community Photo Collage, as part of the DC Public Library’s 2011 program series honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here’s how it works:
– Take a picture – something that represents Dr. King to you.
– Upload your picture to The photos can be remixed in any way, for example, a collage.
– Tag the photo with the phrase ‘MLK Images DC.’
– Include a comment on how your photo captures Dr. King’s legacy.
– If you find someone else’s submission powerful, please comment on that too.

The images will be viewed, discussed, and celebrated at the King Week Kick-Off on Monday, January 10 (6:30pm, MLK Library @ 901 G Street NW). Join us for an evening of community photography and live jazz. All are welcome.

Photos submitted to the group will be moderated, so images may not appear instantly.  Please make sure to set your images’ privacy settings to be viewable by </i> anyone.