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Closing General Session: Crafting a Strategic Plan in 60 Minutes: An Interactive Client Case Study

July 22, 2022 @ 11:15 am - 12:30 pm

Our bespoke strategic planning process is back with a twist! Follow along as we harness the “buzz” of the audience to co-create a strategic campaign content map for a client. We will work together to isolate key terms and messaging points, organize them into a coherent narrative, and align messages to tactics and target audiences. The end result will help break the spell of any strategic planning rut!

Amanda Jezek, Infectious Diseases Society of America
Rabita Aziz, Infectious Diseases Society of America
Alex Dickinson, Beekeeper Group


Background on Crafting a Strategic Plan

  • End goal: create a strategic plan using a framework called a strategic content map
  • The Problem: trying to engage our advocates and IDSA members and get some movement on the hill. We are here to help IDSA deepen their advocacy engagement
  • 3 Challenges: (1) Burnout after the pandemic (2) Time – busy doing a lot of things and in demand and (3) Members are excited to advocate but are scared or hesitant if they are not experts on the particular issue
  • The Framework: Content Map (a tool that comes from the marketing practice and is helpful to apply in an advocacy context) Idea is that you are identifying your funnels and getting a wealth of knowledge and then organizing.
    • Campaign Content Map: align to different levels of the audience and define a clear narrative arc (building and moving your audiences through the funnel). Framework to structure and organize your thinking
    • Narrative Arc: Introductions, Education, Persuasion, Action
    • Core Components: Audiences (know your audience), Narrative (messages to educate, persuade, and get them to take action), Specific Message (line up to the narrative pillars), and Specific Tactics

Background about IDSA members:

  • Membership organization of 12,000 medical professionals (conduct research, work in state/local/federal/international public health authorities)
    • Members wear a lot of hats: might be conducting research or working with public health authorities or doctors, etc. (Members are very busy)
  • One issue that keeps the members up at night: antimicrobial resistance (when you come infected with a bacteria or microbe that is no longer responsive to antibiotics) – our ability to continue to practice modern medicine hinges on our ability to respond to AMR
    • Want to advance meaningful solutions to AMR and antibiotic resistance
  • Pasteur Act (IDSA has been working on this bill for the past year) – make sure we get the novel antibiotics we need to treat this.
    • Change the way that the federal government pays for novel antibiotics. Create a system where we are paying for the value that antibiotics bring. The government can enter into contracts with these novel scientific companies. Would also give grants to rural hospitals to build up their expertise on
  • What have we done and where are the challenges?
    • Held a lot of online meetings with advocates over a 6 month period based on when members were available. Had online action alerts and Quorum sent those out to full membership but only general about 1000 emails. Have also used social media and Twitter chats. DC lobbyist meetings followed by a direct email from someone in the state.
    • Impact: 50 co-sponsors in the house (completely bipartisan). Got the bill in Cares Act 2.0.
    • Key challenges: competing priorities and the bill comes with a cost (anything with a price tag is hard to move forward), some legislators don’t want to give money to pharmaceutical companies, and then members are busy and worried that their voices don’t make a difference.

Narrative Arc Process

  • Audience: members who have already taken an action, members who have not taken an action, and policymakers
  • Good content looks like listening to your audience, creating the conversation and opportunities, moving them through this funnel, and having a succinct action for them to take. Also want to make sure we are looking at audiences and aligning with their needs.
  • Value: opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other. All about getting ideas out there and figuring out how to put everything together. “yes and …”
  • Introductions
    • Members (action takers and non-action takers)
      • Need to introduce people to the process
      • Bi-partisan support
      • Drs are expert voices and explain the need to pass the bill
      • You need medicine, we need you, together we can get it
      • Help us help you
      • Patient stories or survivor testimonials or care provider testimonials
      • Using members who have taken action to encourage others
      • Broader public awareness campaign (going outside of the members and applying external pressure)
      • Using news and using other organizations (UNIS or ASCO or other organizations that this will affect) – pull in news articles to strengthen. Using coalition building to bring in (listening is critical)
      • Educate members
      • Time-sensitive calls to action – wherever you can define the endpoint or create those moments of urgency
      • Social pressure campaign (get that FOMO)
      • Welcome email series or webinars
    • Policymakers
      • Patient success stories
      • Comic Book or graphic that is made to look like a graphic novel – wherever you can paint the villains and heroes it can be compelling
      • Localized impact numbers and need to focus on key members
      • Educational efforts
      • Create pressure
    • Education/Persuasion
      • Members (action takers and non-action takers)
        • Even with a busy schedule, you can still advocate
          • Have to be specific or use “is 10 seconds worth saving the word”
        • Don’t be a statistic, don’t let a loved one be a statistic
        • Educate members on what part of the bill affects their specialty
        • The next generation of therapeutics impacts the next generation of advocates
        • Let’s go viral. Help us recruit new advocates
        • Virtual meetings with key lawmakers and patients
        • Train in learning modules or Pixar learning styles (ono demand learning so they can get to it when they can – continued medical education) – shows the importance and value of acknowledging the audience
      • Policymakers
        • Coordinate with patient advocacy groups as well
        • Make a tik tok
        • These drug companies are small businesses ie. Not Pfizer
        • It is all on you
      • Action
        • Members (action takers and non-action takers)
          • Can’t be prepared for the future without this kind of antibiotics
        • Policymakers
          • Don’t leave us unprepared
        • How do we introduce this? What are our key actions?
        • What is the thing that we can share that is really tangible and can help make this impact? What
          • The idea of wouldn’t you like to be prepared
          • A bag of all antibiotics a doctor has tried to save something with antibiotic resistance – “we have tried these 10 drugs and nothing worked)
          • Patient perspective – bring in an empty pill box or empty medicine cabinet (no antibiotic that can help)
          • Don’t have the right equipment at the right time – firefighter looks down and there is no hose or looking for a certain tool and don’t find it
          • Bring in patient stories with something that was lost (something that brings the patient’s story to life that brings in the emotional side even if the patient can’t be there)
          • Before and after and then build a repository in each district and state – have to equate it with someone’s picture in each state – Faces of AMR (have done this in the past of patients that have survived)
          • Skipping the doctor and have a brochure in the waiting room – “Sorry you are in this situation but if you want to help others here is a number” “Say it is not a big commitment” and get people to opt-in (finding those avenues and different areas)
        • org – Live Action alert where you can take action and contact your legislators


July 22, 2022
11:15 am - 12:30 pm
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