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    I am sorry, but there is nothing “exciting” about Ning killing its free service and forcing its customers on to a paid plan.

    Sure, Ning is entitled to change its product offering. Sure it can change its terms to kick-off us happy free-loaders. But, please, please do not present this as a “new and exciting” change. The early adopters who built free communities on Ning are not idiots. They are going to see through your bizarrley obvious PR spin attempt. Don’t tell them it is “exciting”. Just apologize that you need to start charging, explain why it is necessary, and try to make a…

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    Last week, at the Politics Online Conference 2010, a panel of industry experts assessed some of the top online tools and platforms in terms of their effectiveness for politics and advocacy. The panel also delivered thoughts on the future viability of these platforms by rating them either as a “FAIL – At Risk” (meaning the platform was potentially at risk), or “<3” – [A.K.A the heart emoticon] (meaning the platform was likely to succeed or continue to succeed). As soon as we get the video of the panel we will post the discussion segments. But, in the meantime, here is a list of some…