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What Zombies and Corrupt Congressmen Can Teach Us About the Future of TV

I recently wrapped up watching seasons of my two favorite shows, AMC’s The Walking Dead and Netflix’s House of Cards. One is about a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse and the other is about a corrupt Congressman and his Machiavellian scheme to get more power in Washington. While the two shows are very different, they both offer a window into the future of television shows and how viewers consume and interact with content offered by media companies. Those […]

It’s Not Just What Komen Did Wrong, But What Planned Parenthood Did Right

It’s Not Just What Komen Did Wrong, But What Planned Parenthood Did Right: Lessons Learned from Both Sides of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Backlash This blog post was originally published as a guest posting on the Salsa Labs blog. Almost everyone in the nonprofit community is doing some level of reflection in light of the overwhelming response to Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s decision to withdraw Planned Parenthood’s eligibility for funding (which has since been reversed). […]

Lessons from a New Blogger

In my recent post on the intersection of food and social media, I mentioned that I was preparing to start my own blog on about living with food allergies.  Two weeks ago, Tayler Made Blog was finally launched, and it’s been both a fun and challenging experience so far. Getting Tayler Made off the ground has taught me a lot about what it takes to build a voice and community online – and I still have a lot to learn.  […]

“The Fifth Estate” A New Guide to a Successful Media Campaign

The Beekeeper Group recently partnered with Microsoft’s new digital magazine on civic innovation, Publicyte, to host the launch of the new book “The Fifth Estate” , a guide on how to create and sustain a successful media campaign. The event featured author Geoff Livingston, followed by a panel of expert practitioners, sharing their experiences with using new media tools to advocate for their issues online and to not only initiate,  but also sustain a fruitful dialogue with the online community. […]

Beekeeper Group Delivers Community Building Smackdown at Netroots Nation!

Smackdown? Yes, smackdown.  The idea behind the “smackdown” was to demonstrate the power of one of the tactics suggested in our community building presentation itself.   Using humor! Myself, Adam Rosenberg of Edelman Digital, and Steve Ressler of GovLoop, used humor to generate attention to our Netroots Nation 2011 panel by incorporating a wrestling theme.   And it worked! The packed room of attendees were eager to learn how to build and sustain a community online, which is no easy task with […]

Using social media for individual advocacy

Most people know that I have a background in grassroots advocacy and that I’m passionate about social media. But what you may not realize is that I have an even deeper passion for the automotive industry. Yes, I love cars. Since 2008, I’ve been experimenting with this online medium, and I have been astonished at how quickly it has enabled me to form relationships within the car enthusiast community worldwide. In fact, thanks to the alliances I’ve formed through Twitter, […]

Building Online Trust: Tips for Building Trust in Digital Communications

You’ve seen the commercial – The man with the accent and bad ’80s sweater tells the caller his name is “Peggy” and immediately the caller decides that the person isn’t trustworthy. So how do we decide whether to trust the person/organization on the other side of the computer screen? I had the opportunity to see Dr. Brad Sagarin , Associate Professor at Northern Illinois University, give a presentation on “How to Build Online Trust” recently at the Innovate to Motivate […]

Public Engagement Made Easy

Although we in the field of advocacy and communications are often focused on pushing messages out, some of us are also faced with the task of taking information in, collaborating, and consensus building — either among membership or the public at large.  This task used to require conferences, meetings, and other face-to-face communications, but the new world of online tools, including social media, is rapidly growing the opportunities for new forms of cost-effective, solution-driven public engagement. The National Coalition on […]

What Will You BEE for Halloween?

So trendsetter Bella (pictured below) came to Democracy in Action’s infamous Third Thursday event last evening all ready for Halloween her BEE costume.  Bella is no stranger to online community building and advocacy as the lovable dog of Carie Lewis, Director of Emerging Media for the Human Society of the U.S.  Your first task – take a look at Mashable’s article on HSUS’s use of social media (published last year and their efforts have only grown!).  It’s a great case […]