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Pew Study: ⅓ of Internet Users Are Creating Video Content

You may have heard this buzzing around the web but online video (spoiler alert) is kind of a big deal. In 2009 only 14 percent of users reported that they posted video content online. That number has since spiked to just over 31 percent according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Pew attributes the more than doubling in online video creation to increased popularity of video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo as well as the […]

Does Your Key Contact Program Need a Boost?

Your government affairs team might have some good relationships on the Hill, but what about your members, activists, and grassroots voices?  It’s your buzzing bees that can have the most significant impact on policymakers thanks to in-district relationships, authentic stories, and a natural passion for the issues impacting them most. Our most recent Advocacy Leaders Network program addressed how your nonprofit, trade association, or corporation, can utilize a key contact program to maintain an active stream of influential communications with […]

4 Lessons about Video Mojo We Can Learn from Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

Here at the Hive, we are often confronted with the question: How do you make a video ‘go’ viral? We may cringe at the phrase, but the fact is the goal in developing any creative content – whether a video, infographic, or animation – is always to make it spread to the largest possible audience. The truth is there is no formula for making a video spread like wildfire. As my colleague, Shana, says, “There’s no ‘viral’ button” that we […]
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Using video to tell Congress who you are, what you do

A new year in Congress means new Members, staff and policy agendas. Washington is full of organizations looking to connect with Congressional staff on their policy issues. The proliferation of mobile technology and new media has officially changed the way we communicate – and that goes for citizens’ and organizations’ connection with Congress as well. According to a Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) report from 2010, incoming mail to Hill staffers has increased exponentially in recent years. Senate offices reported a […]

Which convention stirred up more buzz? #RNC2012 or #DNC2012

As Election Day nears, pollsters release more and more estimates in the race to the White House—there are national polls, state-by-state polls, and polls involving specific demographic characteristics. We know which candidate is seen as “more likeable,” whose wife is the favorite, and we can even find out which candidate Americans think is more capable of handling an alien invasion (President Obama has the lead on this one). The real race, and the real competition—one that is fairly new in […]

Beekeeper Group Moves to a New Hive!

After two years of buzzing around Chinatown, we are excited to announce that Beekeeper Group recently moved to a new hive at 1331 G Street NW.  We are already settled in to our new offices and are having fun getting to know our new Metro Center neighborhood. Although we love our 9th floor views, it is the shared conference facility on the 1st floor that really sold us on our new location.  We look forward to hosting you at future […]

Beekeeper Group Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

We’re excited to share the news that Beekeeper Group recently marked its one year anniversary. To help celebrate, we’ve compiled this little video highlighting five trends in digital public affairs — Beekeeper Group style of course!!  

Airlines Beware of Pocket Video Production

With the release of the latest passenger produced video slamming an airline – this time Delta – for poor customer service (see the video below of U.S. soldiers returning from Afganistan forced to pay $200 out-of-pocket per person in extra bag costs), it made me recall a recent observation from my business partner, Mike Panetta: “Airlines must learn that passengers now have their own production, editing and distribution studios built into their mobile phones. With these tools, a documentary style […]
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The Advocacy Video Brochure Has Arrived!

Well, it was only a matter of time… Politico’s Morning Tech reports that the Consumer Electronics Association has gone where no advocacy group has gone before — THE VIDEO BROCHURE. Members of Congress will begin receiving a video brochure from CEA today. MT was lucky enough to play around with the paper brochure, titled ‘America is Ready for a Comeback.’ When you open it up, a video screen begins playing an introduction from CEA chief Gary Shapiro, who outlines the […]

What does a UFO scare have in Common with PR Video?

Kudos to the U.S. Army Golden Knights precision parachute team for a timely, funny, clever self-promotion, video response to a recent UFO scare over El Paso. Watch the TV news report and then the Golden Knights’ video produced in response. Beekeeper Group has often talked about the power of a quick video response to either bring attention to your cause or address PR and advocacy challenges head-on (although try to avoid using copyright protected music like Men-in-Black as this can sometimes lead to […]