[Outside the Industry] Def Jam Forward: A Record Label Turns to Advocacy

Running a successful record label isn't only about finding the next big star. Theda Sandiford, SVP, Commerce and Digital at Def Jam Recordings, will give us the inside scoop on how a successful record label managed to make a lasting impact not only for their artists, but for Black Lives and all marginalized communities. Theda […]

Deep Dive Breakout 1: Budget Clash: Proving Your Value to Your Peers, Your Board, and Other Departments

How did you prove your value during the pandemic? Perhaps, more importantly, how will you show that value now? Panelists will discuss strategies to engage your board, other departments, and peers within your own department, to claim the budget you need to put your ideas into action. Kathleen Teixeira, American Gastroenterological Association Michael Heintz, The […]

Deep Dive Breakout 2: Emotive Storytelling: From Mundane to Moving

Oh no! It's yet another boring message on a dry policy topic. But, does it have to be so dull? Learn the steps to emotive storytelling by reviewing before and after case studies that show how taking the time to build an emotional connection with your audience can dramatically improve the rate and quality of […]

General Session: Evaluating Your Organization From Within: The Practitioner Perspective

Every organization brings its own mix of available resources to an advocacy effort. Some groups are blessed with large budgets, active memberships, and ample staff resources, while others regularly find ways to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Resources don't always lead to success, and with any budget, it pays to be honest with yourself when accessing your efforts. This exciting keynote will show us what to look for when evaluating your organization's advocacy team and its results - and how to make the most of what you have.

Deep Dive Breakout 1: Optimizing Paid Media: Getting the Best Value for Your Advocacy Dollar

Regardless of your budget, or whether you manage advertising internally or work with consultants, this session will help you hone your paid media skills. Panelists will discuss what metrics matter, how to move beyond social channels, what to expect when working with vendors/consultants, and how to address inconsistent roadblocks on advocacy advertising from publishers and […]

Deep Dive 2: Show, Don’t Tell: Utilizing Video, Infographics, and Imagery

The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words rings true. Telling your story through imagery, video, and data visualization can make a good message great. Show and Share Alert! Panelists will discuss how they’ve leveled up their content by bringing in a creative angle. They'll also cover tactics, tips, and (free) tools. Amanda […]

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