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    As the newest bees in the hive, Landin Ryan and I decided to write introductory blog posts about each other.  Read on to get to know a little bit more about us!


    Tatenda Musapatike and Landin Ryan

    Going All-In on Landin

    Landin Ryan may joke that he’s “just the design…

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    As my time at the Beekeeper Group is coming to an end so does the blog series on the European Union. In my last post I give an overview about how lobbying in the U.S. differs from lobbying in the European Union.

    A key difference between the lobbying cultures of the EU and the U.S. lies in the approach to funding interest groups and NGOs, as well as political campaigns.

    In the EU, non-profit organizations representing civil society are often the recipient of financial support from the European Commission. In contrast, the American system rarely provides government funding to support…

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    It seems as though there is more than one beekeeper from my hometown!

    Since I’ve started working at Beekeeper Group, I have developed an uncanny awareness for anything related to bees.  When I saw the title for the video posted below, I figured it would be right up my alley.  To my pleasant surprise, not only was the video about a family of beekeepers, but they also happen to be from my suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

    My family frequents the farmer’s market showcase in…

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    In light of the disappearance of honey bees around the world, Haagen-Dazs asks us to consider a world without honeybees. In a microsite that touts “Haagen-Dasz Loves Honey Bees,” the bee-loved ice cream maker teaches us the importance of these insects’ roles in pollenating fresh produce.

    Naturally, those here at Beekeeper Group couldn’t agree more. This crisis could not only be detrimental to the honey bee population, but it could also severely impact buzz-ness! So, here’s a video from

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    A few weeks back, the Hive hosted our launch party at Iron Horse. We would like to thank everyone who attended the buzzworthy Beekeeper Group event! The bee was clearly  a favorite amongst party guests. Check out some of the photos from the party below. For the full album, please visit our Facebook page.

    Have any favorite moments from the launch party? Feel free to share them in the comments section below. We look forward to seeing you at more Beekeeper…