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How the European Union Works Part 4

Hi, As my time at the Beekeeper Group is coming to an end so does the blog series on the European Union. In my last post I give an overview about how lobbying in the U.S. differs from lobbying in the European Union. A key difference between the lobbying cultures of the EU and the U.S. lies in the approach to funding interest groups and NGOs, as well as political campaigns. In the EU, non-profit organizations representing civil society are […]
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How the European Union Works Part 3

Hi, It’s time for another blog on the European Union.  Today, I provide an overview into the lobbying business in the EU.  Enjoy reading! Valerie  As the European Union continues to grow and evolve, the role of lobbying is also expanding dramatically. In the past decade, EU jurisdiction has broadened to include areas of consumer, social, and environmental policy, and the advent of the euro has raised numerous economic and monetary issues within the euro zone. Studies estimate that approximately […]
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How the European Union Works – Part I

Hey everyone!  My name is Valerie and I am the newest bee in Beekeeper Group’s hive. I am from Austria, Europe and have been active in politics for some years in particular at the level of the European Union. As of today I am starting a series of blogs about the European Union giving you some insights in its organizational structure and legislative processes. What are its main bodies and institutions? How does influencing public policy work in Brussels? I […]