Eventbrite (a service we Beekeepers use regularly for managing our own events) recently made national news with the release of some of its internal numbers on the impact of tweets versus Facebook likes for generating ticket sales through the site. Mashable was quick to pick-up the story followed by NPR, CNN and numerous other news outlets and blogs.

It made us think – which organizations in the advocacy and non-profit space could have noteworthy numbers they wouldn’t mind sharing. Here is a quick list of some of the numbers we would love to see (if only they would be shared):

  • Aggregate letters sent to the Hill, broken down by topic and/or office, from advocacy platform suppliers like: Capwiz, DDC Advocacy, VoterVoice, BIPAC, BlueState, WiredforChange, Vocus, RallyCongress, WeGov, Grassroots Multiplier (apologies for any we missed)
  • Traffic generated from social networks to an advocacy campaign’s action pages
  • Details from Facebook about total actions from all “Causes” Campaigns
  • Aggregate numbers from some of the patch-through call services related to Hill contacts, etc.
  • Conversion rates for an advocacy campaign from Facebook ads verses Google paid search ads

If you can think of more numbers you would like to see, please add a comment to this post with your suggestion.

If you happen to work at an organization that is willing to share some of your data (aggregates data only to protect member/client privacy) then please let us know and we would be happy to promote your efforts. Our industry craves this sort of benchmarked data and your openness will help brand you as an advocacy industry leader.