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Social Media & Advocacy: What Your Supporters Really Like

You’d think we’d have the hang of it by 2014, right?  But as social media continues to evolve, so do the tools we use to participate and the audiences that we try to reach.  This can be even more challenging for advocacy professionals where social media is often just one of a long list of responsibilities. So we were thrilled to have Colin Delaney present to a packed room on how social media can help with advocacy at Advocacy Leaders […]

Facebook Click Bait Changes and How They Affect Your Advocacy Content

What Is Click bait? You’ll never believe what Facebook announced today! Read on to find out about the jaw-dropping news that was shared exclusively with us. Have your attention, do we? Teaser headlines have the tendency to draw people in, goading them to read on or click through. Instinctively, communicators do not want to oversell the content they are producing. They have been forced to evolve with this landscape in order to alleviate the risk that their message gets lost […]

New LinkedIn Feature Creates a Professional Popularity Contest

LinkedIn, the professional networking site home to over 300 million users, is traditionally thought of as being most beneficial to individuals looking for employment but its benefit to companies in the public affairs and trade association industries shouldn’t be overlooked. Companies looking to hire top-tier professionals commonly use the site to find high-quality applicants by looking at those working for industry peers and by searching relevant trade and skill-based networking groups. The newest feature on the site encourages a new […]

The “Dominant Social Media Platform” Turns Double Digits

The importance of demographic-based social media metrics is a trend that we predict will continue to grow well into 2014. Twitter’s hiring of Nuria Santamaria to the position of Multicultural Strategist, a position which will focus advertising dollars towards minority demographics, is a strong indicator of this trend. Facebook recently turned double digits and with its new age, a new demographic trend is has appeared among its users. The latest Pew Research Center survey shows that the social media goliath is becoming […]

20 Social Media Stats to Help You Plan for 2014

I’m a sucker for three things: end of year compilations, infographics and anything related to Abraham Lincoln. So when I saw this infographic pop-up in my Ragan’s PR Daily Email I was thrilled to see two out of three of my favorite things (sorry Abe, not this time!) in the 20 Captivating Marketing Statistics that will Drive 2014 story. Although the infographic is geared towards marketing folks, it still has a lot of great insights for us digital advocacy people […]

Advocacy Campaigns and Social Media: The Keys to Success

Earlier this month I attended Salsa Labs’ 2013 Community Conference. This gathering of advocacy organizations, non-profits and public affairs agencies occurs once per year, and is one of the best places to pick up new ideas, touch base with industry-wide best practices, and provide advocacy organizations with our advice. (Beekeeper Group Partner Henri Makembe spoke on a panel that discussed lessons non-profits and advocacy agencies can learn from political campaigns.) One focus of the conference was on advocacy campaigns on social media. […]
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Five Secrets of Corporate Marketing for Your Non-Profit

Chances are, your non-profit doesn’t come close to having the same goals and resources as a corporate behemoth, but when it comes to online marketing strategies sometimes a little cross-pollination is a good thing. Both non-profits and corporations strive to build a community that supports their product or mission, and integrate their work into the digital lives of their audience. So although the two sectors differ greatly, non-profits can benefit from employing some corporate digital marketing strategies. The 2013 J.D. […]

Facebook Rolls Out Hashtag Functionality: Non-Profits Everywhere Should Rejoice

This week, Facebook announced that they would be integrating hashtags (#) – you know, that genius way of organizing the world’s collective thoughts that has already been put to good use on Twitter and Instagram? (P.S. – Facebook owns Instagram ). As the news spreads, the announcement is making waves across the internet, from NBC News to Wired magazine. Until now, trade associations and non-profit organizations have had to fork over big money for Facebook ads in order for the […]
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Gmail: What’s New and What’s It Hiding?

You may have heard by now that Gmail, Google’s web-based email client, is undergoing some pretty drastic changes. We like this video from Mashable, which explains the ins-and-outs of the changes. Our two biggest takeaways (so far): 1) The new, re-designed Gmail may hide important advocacy messages. By separating all mail into tabs, users may not see outreach messages from advocacy organizations, as they typically would. Up until now, new messages piled up on the top of users’ mailboxes, requiring […]
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How Advocacy Groups Can Use Vine

After just a few months on the market, Vine, is currently ranked fourth under ‘Free Apps’ in the iTunes Store. So what exactly is Vine? Vine is a mobile app that allows users to share six-second videos within the app and on Twitter and Facebook. The app’s description encourages its users to “share life in motion” by using Vine to create “short, beautiful, looping videos.” Originally created by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusupov in June of 2012, Vine was bought […]