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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Advocacy CRM

Every advocacy group needs a way to organize its constituents. Often times, managing hundreds or thousands of supporters or potential advocates, organizations deal with thousands of pieces of data about their members. Organizing all of that data into a logical and easy-to-access database requires more than a simple spreadsheet. This database is called a CRM, or as we call in the advocacy world, a Constituent Relationship Manager. CRM tools can be found in many industries. For many large brands keeping […]
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Release Your Internal Advocacy Numbers

Eventbrite (a service we Beekeepers use regularly for managing our own events) recently made national news with the release of some of its internal numbers on the impact of tweets versus Facebook likes for generating ticket sales through the site. Mashable was quick to pick-up the story followed by NPR, CNN and numerous other news outlets and blogs. It made us think – which organizations in the advocacy and non-profit space could have noteworthy numbers they wouldn’t mind sharing. Here […]